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Senior (circa 16yrs+) GBX Snowboard cross programs

The senior GBX program specialises in snowboard cross. We take senior athletes from around the world, coach them, and then take them to compete in SBX competitions across Europe. (We don’t place an exact age on senior but its circa 16yrs+.) If you would like further information or wish to join the 2020/21 snowboard Cross program, please email The current (2019/20) GBX snowboard cross program was over subscribed so please do get in touch early to avoid dissapointment.

Join the GBX snowboard cross program and enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity. Live in the mountains with a small but focussed team of snowboarders where you will develop your snowboard skills beyond what you thought possible. Train hard, compete in competitions across Europe and enjoy what the Alps has to offer. Whether you are a novice or a professional snowboarder – we offer programs to suit your standard.

Take a look below at what the GBX program offers:-

1) Snowboard coaching, travelling and competing across Europe with a team of snowboarders.
2) Massively improve your snowboarding ability through professional coaching in all aspects of snowboarding five days a week.
3) Live in a large team house close to Mayrhofen, Austria.
4) Increase your knowledge about nutrition both as a snowboarder and in general life.
5) Represent your country in snowboard cross while travelling around Europe.
6) Enjoy new experiences and make friends for life.
7) And finally… Enjoy yourself in the mountains for the winter!

What are the dates of the full time programs & whats included?

* Coaching 5 days a week
* Accomodation at our team base in Austria
* Training and competing in snowboard cross competitions across Europe. (not available to the 3 month program running from 1st Oct – 22nd Dec)
* Travel to/from team base to all training and competition venues around Europe
* Nutritional support
* Fitness support
* Tech support

SIX MONTH PROGRAM:- 1st October 2020 to the 31st March.

THREE MONTH PROGRAMS (2 OPTIONS):- 1st Oct to the 22nd Dec OR 4th Jan to the 31st Mar.

Please note all pricing is at the bottom of this page

Want to join? Please email:- or call +44(0)113 3460680

Part time programs. We offer 2 and 4 week options

These options include exactly the same as the 3 and 6 month programs but just run for a shorter time.

Please note all pricing is at the bottom of this page.

Want to join? Please email:- or call +44(0)113 3460680

GBX Coaches

GBX employs elite snowboard coaches who specialise in all aspects of snowboarding with a focus on snowboard cross. Our current coaching staff have lead the development of Snowboard Cross in Great Britain for over 10 years – GBX has 7 World Cup medals including gold, multi European Cup and Fis competition wins and GB’s only Snowboard Cross athlete to compete at the Winter Olympics, not just once – but on four occasions leading the GBX program. No other club, home Nation or indeed GB Snowsport – the national governing body in Great Britain have the coaches, experience, athletes, expertise or Olympic and World Cup results that GBX firmly has under its belt.

We encourage snowboarders of all levels to try snowboard cross. We will not just develop you as a specialist snowboard cross athlete but as an all mountain snowboarder.

What should you expect if you join the full time GBX Academy?

Ultimately we would like you to fulfil your potential as a snowboard cross athlete and represent your country at the highest level possible.

  • With every season spent on the program you should expect to see a huge increase in your ability / skill level as we focus on all aspects including cross, freestyle, all mountain etc…
  • You will be snowboarding on mountains across Europe, freestyle parks, snowboard cross tracks and of course powder when it arrives!
  • You will increase your knowledge in nutrition and fitness.
  • You will increase your knowledge of technical preparation and equipment maintenance.
  • You will be snowboarding every day with a team of like minded athletes being coached by some of the most experienced snowboard cross coaches.

Do I have to of competed in snowboarding before I join?

No. No previous snowboarding experience is necessary; we provide training all the way from entry level up to International competition.

Do you get time to hang out and enjoy yourselves?

Absolutely. The team trains hard and as such its athletes need to relax and chill out… As a team of athletes you will eat, sleep, train and hang out together during this six month period…. Close bonds will be formed and you will find friends for life. We have a lot of powder days during the season!!

Whichever program an athlete is on, we take a two week break at Christmas and one week for the February half term.

Am I too young or too old to join the program?

No! We focus on skills and potential rather than age. GB’s current no 1 Snowboard Cross athlete who to date has attended 4 Winter Olympic Games representing Great Britain as well as winning over 7 World Cup medals including gold, multi European Cup, Fis and National titles is 33yrs old – Zoe is one of the founders of GBX and knows that in snowboard cross experience is by far the most important factor over age! However, if you are still in doubt, please contact us for further information.

Over the past 15 years we have had a huge range of abilities and ages join the program, all have a passion for snowboarding. Some have gone on to represent their country at the Olympics, all have represented their country at international competions with us and everyone has had a fantastic experience and massively progressed as snowboarders.

If you have basic snowboard skills why go and become a seasonaire in resort when you can join the GBX academy and train and travel throughout Europe with like minded snowboarders for 6 months of the year representing your country at International competitions with the possibility of going to the Olympics?

What are the costs?

Full time 6 months (1st Oct to the 31st Mar):- £8150
Full time 3 months (1st Oct – 22nd Dec or 4th Jan – 31st Mar):- £6000
Part time (4 weeks):- £3000 – Available between 1st Oct – 31st March Dependant on availability
Part time (2 weeks):- £1800 – Available between 1st Oct – 31st March Dependant on availability

Whats included:- Professional coaching 5 days a week, self catered accomodation at our team base in Austria, all travel in team vehicles from the team base to all training and competition venues and back again, nutritional support, fitness support and technical support.

Obvious items not included in the price:- Season lift pass and *competition costs (circa £500)

*Competition costs only apply to the 6 month program and the 3 month program which runs from the 4th Jan to the 31st March.

Please contact if you want to join.

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