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Do you want to learn / progress your skiing in a fun and exciting environment while spending the entire winter season (up to 6 months) living in Europe.

Live, sleep, ski, socialise, make new friends but first and foremost have an awesome experience and develop your skiing for up to 6 months of the year in the mountains.

  • 6 month on snow program running from 1st October until the 31st March in Austria (you choose how long you want to join).
  • Become an excellent all mountain skier with skills in many ski disciplines. You will receive training in the following areas:
  • Basic skiing skills to give you a solid grounding to build upon.
  • Different techniques for jumps
  • Tricks over jumps)
  • Rails
  • Boxes
  • Half Pipe
  • Ski cross
  • Off piste
  • Powder
  • Building and riding back country kickers
  • All mountain
  • Carving
  • Who are we looking for and what level does the athlete need to be?

    We are looking for skiers from any nation who want to improve their skiing. Athletes who are physically robust and willing to learn.

    If you have a basic skill set, willingness to learn, are robust and have a mindset to overcome setback then GBX would love to work with you. Remember, we have a range of athletes joining.

    We encourage skiers of all levels and will develop you as an all mountain skier.

    Am I too old or too young to join the program?

    Probably not. Although we don’t have set age restrictions (especially for the younger athletes) we try and remain as flexible as possible. If you are under 16yrs of age please do speak with us before making your decision to join. We don’t have an upper age limit so long as you are physically fit and capable of training on a daily basis.

    If you have basic skiing skills why go and become a seasonaire in resort when you can join the GBX academy and train with like minded skiers for 6 months of the year.

    Whats included?
    * Training 5 days a week for the duration of your stay.
    * Self catered accommodation for the duration of your stay.
    * All transport to/from the mountain from our team base.
    * 4 – 6 months of awesomeness!

    What are the costs?

    1st October 2019 – 31st March 2020 (6 months):- £6000 core costs and €2400 accomodation.

    1st December 2019 to 31st March 2020 (4 months):- £4500 core costs and €1600 accomodation.

    If you would like to join the program, please email info@gbxsquad.com

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