Why try out to join the full time British Snowboard Cross (GBX) Team?

An awesome opportunity to snowboard for 6 months on snow while travelling, training and competing across Europe with a team of snowboarders… Not just any team – the British GBX team…

Who are we looking for and what level do the athlete need to be?

The full time British snowboard cross team (GBX) consists of male and female riders of varying levels including the Home Nations Academy and National Academy teams. (check your current level here) If you meet the Home Nations Academy level or above – we welcome you to try out for the GBX via one of our UK selection events or video submission to info@gbxsquad.com.

We encourage riders of all levels to try out to be part of the full time program so that we can work with you and develop you not just as a snowboard cross rider – but as an all mountain snowboarder.  Most riders who join the program at Home Nations level do not have any previous boardercross experience.

We employ coaches who specialise in freestyle and boardercross.

What does the British program consist of?

The GB SBX program is a six month European on snow program starting on the 1st October and running through until the end of March each year (6 months) and we are currently based in the Mayrhofen area of Austria.  October, November and most of december is spent snowboard  training on the glaciers of Hintertux and Pitsztal; january, february and March is spent training and competing at FIS, European Cup and World Cup competitions throughout Europe.

Apart from the on hill training, the program also offers nutritional support, fitness support and travel to/from training and competitions throughout Europe from the team base.

Ideally you would be on snow 4-5 days a week however we understand most riders have alternate commitments / work that needs to be done during this period therefore we just ask you attend as much as possible but the final decision rests with yourself.

What should you expect if you joined the British team?

Ultimately we would like you to fulfil your potential as a snowboard cross rider and go on to represent Great Britain at the highest level possible.

  • With every season spent on the program you should expect to see a huge increase in your snowboarding ability / skill level as we focus on all aspects including cross, freestyle, all mountain etc…
  • You will be snowboarding on mountains across Europe, freestyle parks, snowboard cross tracks and of course powder when it arrives!
  • You will increase your knowledge in nutrition and fitness.
  • You will increase your knowledge of technical (snowboard) preparation and maintenance (waxing).
  • You will be snowboarding every day with a team of like minded riders.

Do you get time to hang out and enjoy yourselves?

Absolutely.  The team trains hard and as such its riders need to relax and chill out… As a team of British snowboarders you will eat, sleep, train and hang out together during this six month period…. Close bonds will be formed and you will find friends for life.

What are the basic costs?

The British snowboard cross program is 100% athlete funded.  Core costs for the season are £6000. This cost includes coaching (roughly 4-5 days a week for 6 months by specialist British GBX team coaches), travel to/from the team base to training & competitions in Europe for the 6 months, nutritional and fitness support.

Accomodation is €2400 for the six months.  Athletes live together.

Anything you need to know?

Over the past 15 years we have had a huge range of abilities and ages join the British program, all have a passion for snowboarding.  Some go on to represent Great Britain at the Olympics, most represent GB at international competions but all have a fantastic experience and massively progress as a snowboarder.

If you have the basic snowboard skills required and are able to to meet basic selection criteria why go and become a seasonaire in resort when you can apply to join the British Snowboard Cross Team and train and travel throughout Europe with like minded snowboarders for 6 months of the year representing your country at International competitions with the possibility of going to the Olympics?


Please email the British Team manager:- info@gbxsquad.com as we are now looking for athletes for the 2018/19 winter season. For further information:-

As the last two seasons have seen the senior full time (over 17yrs) GB SBX Program over subscribed, as of 10th January 2018, we are now opening up the athlete list for applicants to join the program on the 1st October 2018 at the British Team (GBX) base in Austria to ensure a fair system is in place. Further details about the senior full time SBX program can be found below including costings.

If you join now your name will be added to the athlete list then in the last week in April you will find out if you have a provisional place.

In simple terms, if you want to join the GBX program in Austria from the 1st October 2018 to 31st March 2019 and train, travel and compete for Great Britain throughout Europe for 6 months, then please join the list now otherwise you may be dissapointed if the program is full.

A non refundable deposit of £500 will be collected upon joining the list.  This will be returned if you are not selected, if you are selected this will be put towards your core costs.

  • 6 month on snow SBX program running from 1st October to the 31st March in Austria (Mayrhofen area is our base)
  • October, November and most of December are spent training at our base in Austria.
  • January, February and March are spent training at our base and competing in SBX competitions around Europe.
  • Travel to/from team base to all training and competition venues around Europe.
  • Nutritional support.
  • Core Cost:- £6000 for the season.
  • Accomodation cost at our team base in Austria is €400 p/month for 6 months = €2400. (All full time program costs are fixed costs, we do not supply food/drink, lift pass, insurance etc – we only supply what is mentionned above.)
  • To join, please email info@gbxsquad.com.



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