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If you know any snowboarder, from any country, and refer them to join the GBX full time Snowboard cross program this season (and they join) , we will pay you £1000 PER PERSON you refer!

GBX has signed a new partner who’s aim is to promote the grass roots and intermediate level of snowboard cross and they have specified their investment be targeted at bringing new snowboarders into the sport – British or International.

Please note the referral payments ARE NOT capped and you can refer multiple snowboarders and be paid multiple times!


We will pay you £1000 PER ATHLETE you refer for anyone joining the GBX full time snowboard cross program this season (The program starts on the 1st October 2018. Athletes are deemed as joined as soon as they have returned their signed paperwork, have paid program fees in full and 15 days has elapsed since joining)

Anyone referred cannot already have been a member or is a member of the part time or full time programs offered by GBX.

The referral payment will be made 30 days after joining.

Athletes cannot refer themselves.

Athletes cannot be referred by family members.

Referred athletes can be of ANY nationality and don’t have to be British.

This offer is only valid for the 2018/19 season.

Simply ask anyone you refer to specify your name when they sign the program agreement. Please can you then email info@gbxsquad.com with your details for payment as we will pay immediately!

Thank you.



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