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GBX Statement – 21st September 2016

September 21, 2016

GBX is a way forward for both children and elite athletes to be able to experience and participate in ski and boardercross from UK based competitions right the way up to competing at the Olympics. It is new, there is no history and the pathway may not be perfect yet!
Previously, there has been no real structure to the sport until GBX, so being able to offer the thrill and enjoyment of this type of racing can only be a positive move forward.

The mission is to have a start, middle and end, as with all plans. We can liken this to the Home Nations Academy level, where it all starts in the UK, National Academy level, the middle where athletes train and compete in European races and the End, being National Squad level where you are racing at International levels for your Country.

The End may seem very distant for some, however without the Start, the End is not possible. So, with the efforts of GBX and volunteers, the creation of a GBX Pathway and Talent ID, Assessment/Fitness and GBX race series next year, we are looking forward to being able to give this opportunity within this sport.

Method for Booking the published European GBX Camps.

  • Ensure you have read the criteria for the specific camps here:- http://www.gbxsquad.com/gbx/
  • Please email danbrier1@hotmail.com to reserve a space including your telephone number.
  • We will then speak with you in detail to confirm your son/daughter is of standard for the camp and to live in Europe for the camp.
  • If accepted following the phone call, you will be given 24hrs to pay the deposit £525.00.
  • If payment is not received within the 24hrs the spot will be reallocated to the next person on the list.
  • Any questions not answered above pls email danbrier1@hotmail.com. Thanks
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