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GBX Enrolment Process – Home Nations and National Academy athletes 2017/18.

May 2, 2017

GBX is currently a non-funded organisation, focused at providing a development pathway for ski and snowboard cross within the UK, as a coming together of Snowsports England, Scotland and Wales’.

All organisations within sport from grass roots to the elite athletes face the challenges of funding that sport. As with all, a great deal is done by goodwill of parents and individuals. However, there is a level of funding required to promote and build the sport, team and pathway along the way.

This funding is gathered from various sources, be it Sponsorship (if possible), donations, events, camps and fees.

At GBX we have been faced with some difficult decisions, as to a ‘GBX Enrolment’ payment. This payment would allow the selected GBX athlete access to the development pathway and the benefits that are brought by joining like minded athletes to enjoy and develop within the sport.

The level of payment has been debated for many months, as to set the cost at a level that is considered affordable to encourage participation and not exclude or become an exclusive sport.

So, the ‘GBX Enrolment’ payment for 2017-2018 is set at £85 per athlete. This payment allows for delivering:

* Athlete profile picture and biography displaying on the official GBX team website (
* GBX Website (
* Production of GBX film(s) / media similar to the one produced here (
* GBX Selection Events
* GBX Competition Series
* GBX Training Camps – home and abroad (Coming soon to the UK during the summer)
* Social media across the GBX platforms
* GBX Child Safeguarding & Welfare
* Access to a private GBX interactive online Nutritional group (same as Park & Pipe and the BSS World Cup athletes) where the BSS nutritionist posts nutritional information to the GBX group.  This support includes nutrition for training, competing, weight cutting, injury etc etc and recipes.

Other than the GBX competition and selection series, all ACE events, coaching weekends in the UK, coaching camps and competition camps abroad are exclusively for GBX athletes only.

Athletes who have already been selected onto the Home Nations or National Academy for 2017/18 season will soon be receiving an information pack with all the required information to enroll.

GBX Team.

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