How does my 10 year old son/daughter fit in to GBX, after being selected to Home Nations Academy?

GBX is a new, exciting development pathway for Ski and Boardercross athletes, who want to have a direction within this discipline.

Home Nations Academy (HNA) is at the base level within a pyramid model of development and progression.

Is GBX a Private Academy or an organisation?

GBX is an organisation run by the Home Nations (Snowsport England, Snowsport Scotland, Snowsport Wales) and the governing body for snowsports in Great Britain – British Ski & Snowboard (BSS)

Does my son/daughter have to do testing and skills assessments?

Not at present – there will be limited spaces to attend skills assessment and ACE (Athlete Capacity Evaluation) days/weekends.

Will I get sponsorship/funding?

No – the Development Pathway is fully athlete self-funded.

Will I get a free squad kit?

No – GBX sports type T-Shirts will be available to order, at a cost.

Can my child attend an abroad camp?

The camps are generally for athletes of 12 years and above, who can competently ski/snowboard a black run and blue kicker in a park.

How much will camps abroad be?

Each camp cost will be tailored to the location, activity and competitions available.

How much will Assessment/ACE weekends be?

(Subject to confirmation) which will comprise of 2 hrs ski/snowboard coaching and ACE at a local sports facility.

How many Assesment/ACE weekends do I need to attend to keep in the Home Nations Academy?

Our mission is for the athlete to want to attend the Assessment/ACE weekends to be part of GBX and not be a requirement at present.

How do you progress into the National Academy?

The aim of the GBX Development Pathway, is to provide a structure for continual assessment through the skills levels.

The National Academy is based at Level 4 and with athletes training and competing within Europe.

Who are the GBX coaches?

Ski Cross – Jake Richardson
Snowboard Cross – James Foster, Steve Addicot, Zoe Gillings-Brier, Kate Foster.

Will there be a full time National Academy for GBX (SX)?

This is what we want to achieve but are building the blocks at the moment

What age range will the Assessment/ACE weekends be for?

Assessment/ACE weekends are for all ages and want to progress within GBX.

Will my son/daughter have to be for selected for GBX every year?

Yes – GBX is about a team and continual development, which requires commitment

How can I get better at Ski/Boarder cross, if i am too young to go to camps abroad.

To attend local clubs for race training, freestyle and fun skiing.
Enter the proposed ‘Mitsubishi GBX’ race series next year.

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