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Press Release:- 27th April 2017 GBX

April 27, 2017

GBX, the programme for British Ski and Snowboard Cross athletes (Snowsport England, Snowsport Wales, Snowsport Scotland and British Ski & Snowboard) have announced the dates of this summer’s Ski and Snowboard Cross UK selections and competition series for all ages from junior to senior levels.

For summer 2017, there will be six GBX national selection and eight GBX competition events running throughout the UK. The selection & competition events will run from May to September 2017. Successful athletes at the trials will be invited to join the Home Nations, National Academy or National Squad GBX programmes for the 2017/18 season.

The GBX competition series is a cumulative points series where we will announce overall winners after the final competition with prizes for the top 3 athletes in each gender of primary categories. This will include cash voucher prizes for use on GBX camps and programmes in Europe.

GBX took a major step forward at the start of the 2016/17 season with the appointment of the British junior Ski Cross coach Jakey Richardson and most recently with the appointment of a new GBX head coach who will be announced shortly.

GBX have produced its first official film which followed the British junior Ski Cross athletes and coaches as they trained and competed across Europe during the 2016/17 season.

GBX, in association with Cross Snowsports, will be running two ACE (athlete capacity & Education) weekends on the 6th/7th May and the 13th & 14th May for current members of the GBX Home Nations program. Places can be booked here:-

GBX will soon be releasing the dates of the summer European coaching camps for both Ski and Snowboard Cross.

We would urge anyone interested in ski or snowboard cross to attend one of the selection or competition events to get a feel of what GBX has to offer.

Confirmed dates so far:-

GBX Selection events (bookings can be made at
Saturday 20th May – Braehead
Saturday 10th June – Castleford
Saturday 15th July – Manchester
Saturday 5th August – Hemel Hemstead
Saturday 9th September – Braehead
Saturday 23rd September – Milton Keynes

GBX Competition Series (bookings can be made at
Sunday 21st  May – Braehead
Sunday 11th June – Castleford
Sunday 16th  July – Manchester
Saturday 29th July – Castleford (In partnership with the English Championships)
Saturday 26th August – Manchester (In partnership with the British Championships)
Sunday 10th  September – Braehead
Sunday 24th  September – Milton Keynes


For further information regarding the GBX program please contact the GBX Performance Manager Dan Brier at

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