GBX – International Ski & Snowboard Academy

GBX offers on snow programs from complete novice to International standard skiers and snowboarders.

Do you want to spend the winter season living in the mountains of Europe? Do you want the option to receive high level coaching in skiing or snowboarding for up to 6 months? Do you want to enjoy the nightlife a seaosn in a ski resort has to offer? Do you want to travel and compete across Europe? If the answer to any of the is Yes – then see one of the programs we offer below…

a. SNOWBOARD CROSS PROGRAM:- 6 MONTHS (£6000 core costs + €2400 accomodation)

2. PROGRESS YOUR SNOWBOARDING PROGRAM (from 4 to 6 months duration)

3. PROGRESS YOUR SKIING PROGRAM (from 4 to 6 months duration)

Do this with a group of like minded skiers and snowboarders where you will not just have an awesome 6 months training and competing but you will create awesome experiences and friendships for life.

GBX – The life

If you would like to join, please email GBX at


GBX – We train everyone from beginner to International level ski, snowboard & snowboard cross athletes from around the world.

Why should I join the GBX program?

Because its awesome! Whether you join the progress your ski, progress your snowboard or snowboard cross program, you get to spend up to 6 months living in Europe, being coached by high level coaches 5 days a week, enjoying yourself with the night life ski resorts have to offer and finish the 6 months with new friendships, experiences you will never forget and above all after 6 months on snow you will be an awesome skier or snowboader for the rest of your life and will impress your family & friends on every single winter sports holiday!

Who we are looking for and how to join GBX

We are looking for skiers & snowboarders from any country who enjoy being on snow. If you have a basic skill set in skiing or snowboarding, a passion for snow, want to live in Europe for 6 months and enjoy skiing or snowboarding with a group of other skiers or snowboarders – we would love you to join. For all of our programs, just basic ski or snowboard experience is neccessary. No previous snowboard cross experience is neccessary for the snowboard cross program.

Please email GBX at

How to apply to join the GBX Academy

Please email or call +44 113 3470680 or +44 7515 284608.

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