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Welcome to GBX – the International training & competition Academy offering freestyle and ski & snowboard cross training programs. GBX offers programs for junior and senior athletes from complete novice to Olympic level and full safeguarding is provided to our junior athletes (under 18yrs) including house parenting, supervision and daily education opportunities.

SNOWBOARD CROSS PROGRAM (Available full and part time for junior and senior athletes)

SKI CROSS PROGRAM (part time for senior athletes 16yrs +)

LEARN TO SNOWBOARD PROGRAM (Available full and part time for junior and senior athletes)

Do you want to spend the winter season (up to 6 months) skiing or snowboarding from our base in Austria? Our team first launched its full time senior program in 2006 specialising in snowboard cross and has since grown to include snowboard freestyle and ski cross for both junor and senior athletes. GBX athletes have competed at every single winter Olympic Games since 2006 and it is something we are extremely proud of.

GBX coaches and athletes have won the best INternational results of any British private, Home nations or British national governing body (BSS) program ever with 7 World Cup medals including gold, multiple European Cup medals including Gold and multiple FIS competition medals including gold whilst also attending the past 4 Olympic Games of which two were top 10 results.

If you want to ski or snowboard for fun or if you want to compete at the highest level then learning the correct ski and snowboard techniques are vital. This is why GBX offers the “learn to snowboard” academy – a full winter season in resort tailored for a complete novice or someone with limited snowboard experience. Our programs offer both Freestyle and snowboard training an progress right up to Olympic level.

So, if you want to live in the mountains and learn to snowboard or to train and compete in ski or snowboard competitions across Europe this season – join us today!

GBX – Our Background

GBX, owned by Zoe Gillings-Brier, Great Britains most succesfull snowboard cross athlete of all time and World Cup winner, has been responsible for delivering the British National Governing Bodies (SnowsportsGB / British Ski & Snowboard) Snowboard Cross programs for the past 12 years and the Ski Cross programs for the past 3 years.

Zoe and the team behind GBX combines a huge amount of experience at beginner level right up to and including Olympic coaching / competition. We pride ourselves in employing some of the very best coaches available (currently we employ 2 Olympic coaches, 1 European Cup and 1 Fis coach) to deliver programs to both our novice and experienced athletes.

A majority of the athletes who join the GBX ski & snowboard cross programs have little to no previous experience in ski or snowbaord cross. We pride ourselves in delivering programs fit for all levels.

News | Calendar

Please use the links below to find out the latest information for the ski cross, snowboard cross and learn to snowboard programs. If you need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact

GBX – We train beginner to intermediate ski & snowboard cross athletes and brand new athletes to snowboarding.

Please visit the GBX calendar for upcoming ski and snowboard cross and learn tio snowboard events or visit the latest news section.

Why should I join the GBX “snowboard Cross” or “Learn to snowboard” program?

Ski & Snowboard Cross Programs
Ski and Snowboard Cross are arguably the most exciting, fun, exhilarating and enjoyable of the Olympic winter sports disciplines. As relatively new Olympic sports, opportunities are huge for potential athletes wishing to represent their country at the Olympic Games and with a much reduced price tag compared to other similar disciplines, GBX is a hugely attractive Olympic option.

Do you want to set a qualifying time AND race head to head against other athletes? Are you motivated, self determined and able to treat setbacks as challenges? Do you want to be coached in freestyle & snowboard cross. If so, then Ski or Snowboard Cross is a brilliant option. Are you new to the sport or have previous experience in Freestyle or Alpine? If so, come and give it a go.

Learn to Snowboard Program
If you have ever wandered what it would be like to be an excellent snowboarder or you have snowboarded for a few weeks here and there and want to be like the other few snowboarders you see who do lots of jumps, rails, half pipe, and race down the mountain at high speed but very much in control then our learn to snowboard program offers just that. World class snowboard coaching is offered to new snowboarders over a 6 month period.

Who we are looking for and how to join GBX

We are looking for skiers and snowboarders from any nation who enjoy being on snow. Athletes who are physically robust and willing to learn to ski or snowboard as well as display performance behaviours of a world class athlete in other aspects of training and lifestyle.

If you have a basic skill set, willingness to learn, are robust and have a mind-set to overcome setback then GBX would love to work with you.

If you would like to join, please email GBX at

How to apply to join the GBX Academy

There are several options available if you wish to join one of our programs:-

1) You can Join online here (Available full and part time for junior and senior athletes)

2) You can email

3) You can call GBX on +44 7515 284608.

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