GBX – International Snowboard Academy

Join GBX this winter and push yourself above and beyond anything you have before. We will coach you in all aspects of snowboarding with a focus on snowboard cross and take you to compete in snowboard cross competitions across Europe! Live in the mountains with a small team of snowboarders, snowboard every day, train hard and enjoy what a season in a ski resort has to offer. It is literally living the dream!

2019/20 SEASON (1st Oct 19 – 31st March 20)

THREE MONTH SNOWBOARD CROSS PROGRAM (3 months | 8th Jan – 8th April 20) – Spaces available
JUNIOR SNOWBOARD CROSS CAMPS (1 week) – Spaces available

2020/21 SEASON


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Join today and look forward to an awesome winter on snow! Payment plans available. Click the button below to email us and find out about the full time programs, part time program or the junior program.

GBX – The life

Take a look at some of the videos we have produced on the Snowboard cross program. If you would like to join, please email GBX at


When you join GBX, you receive the following:- Six months accomodation at our team base in Austria, coaching 5 days a week for 6 months, all transport in team vehicles to/from the team base to all training and competition venues across Europe for 6 months, nutrition support, fitness support & tech support. Cost for 6 months:- £8150.00. Please enquire for part time options. We have payment plans availabe (completely flexible to your personal circumstances) and accept athletes from 15yrs and upwards for the full time and part time programs.

GBX – We train everyone from beginner to International level ski, snowboard & snowboard cross athletes from around the world.

Why should I join the GBX program?

GBX is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You snowboard every day, You receive high level coaching that will turn you into an awesome snowboarder, you spend 6 months living in one of Europe’s awesome ski resorts and we guarantee to coach you to a level where you can enter snowboard cross competitions across Europe. We will then take you to these competitions and coach you at them so you travel around Europe whilst representing your country!

Who we are looking for and how to join GBX

We are looking for skiers & snowboarders from any country who enjoy being on snow. If you are a beginner or an advanced skier/snowboarder, have a passion for being on snow, want to live in Europe for 6 months and enjoy skiing or snowboarding with a group of other skiers or snowboarders – we would love you to join.

Please email GBX at if you want further information or to join.

GBX is owned and run by 4 x TeamGB Olympic athlete & World Cup snowboard Cross Gold medallist Zoe Gillings and 2 X TeamGB Olympic snowboard cross coach Dan Brier. See Zoe in action in the below video…

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